Olena’s Key to Success

Thousands of people have been displaced since Russia began invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Among them were Olena and her children. Separated from her husband, Olena found refuge in Wisconsin. With courage and resourcefulness, this mother has started rebuilding the pieces she left behind.

Olena had the support of a sponsor, but little else to support herself and her two children when we met her. She joined our FSET program and met Libby, the FSET Employment Planner who would become her close ally for the steps head.

With FSET and the generous support of her community, Olena is getting established. For example, Olena had never driven in America before coming here, but she needed a vehicle to get to work, groceries, and so on. FSET helped Olena pay for driver’s education, and for Christmas last year, employees at a local school raised enough money to give the family a car!

Speaking of school, Olena also used FSET to find work as a substitute teaching aide at a local elementary, where she helps students with developmental disabilities reach their fullest potential.

Olena hopes to grow at her job and pursue further education in psychology so that she can become the best caregiver possible for those in her care.

Congratulations, Olena! We are inspired by your perseverance and are so happy that your family is here with us.