Aketch Starts Her Dreams

Congratulations to Aketch, who recently got her first job in the United States!

Before coming to Wisconsin, Aketch lived in a refugee camp in Sudan, helping children in her role as a social worker. She came to America with only the skills she had spent a lifetime developing as a caring and resilient woman.

Aketch heard about us through our network of community partners, including the Refugee Cash Assistance Program and World Relief. She heard that we could help her get a good job, and she was eager to start.

These were the first steps toward her dreams. With the caring guidance of her teams in our Road to Livelihood and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) programs, Aketch is feeling a lot more stable in her new home. She enrolled in English speaking lessons at Fox Valley Technical College. With her newfound stability, Aketch could start thinking about bigger things, like her dreams. Since she hopes to become a registered nurse someday, Aketch worked with her team to look for jobs related to healthcare.

Plus, when she was offered a full-time job at Advocate Aurora, FSET helped her get shoes and scrubs for her uniform!

Always caring for others, Aketch and her sister have recently welcomed their mother to Wisconsin, making a stable job and home even more important to her. Her next step: earning her driver’s license.

Keep achieving your dreams, Aketch! We know you can do it and will be here for you every step of the way.

If you’re a refugee and/or asylum seeker, see how our Road to Livelihood and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) programs can help you establish yourself in your new community!