Amanda Opens Doors

Amanda | FSET Story Spotlight

The FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program is designed to help with employment and supportive services. Sometimes that means immediate assistance, like transportation or clothing vouchers. Other times, it can mean job search assistance and job preparation. But it can also mean education.

Amanda arrived in our Dane County office with one clear goal: get her high school diploma.

It was something that she had left unfinished long ago, but she knew that having a diploma would give her more opportunities to support herself and her children. As a single mom, she had already overcome many challenges. Now the key to open more doors was that piece of paper, and she saw it as a major goal.

She met her case manager, Crystal Johnson, and drafted a plan to complete her employment journey with a main focus on education. Through FSET, they enrolled Amanda into FSC training, and sought other local options for completing her education. Quickly, they found an option through one of our regular partners, the Omega School.

Since Amanda already had her own laptop, all she needed was some transportation vouchers to pay for gas to get to and from the school. She worked hard both in person and online to complete her weekly classes, and in a short time she achieved her dream: she earned her HSED!

Since then, she’s even received additional training certificates and has enrolled at the Madison Area Technical College. She’s now well on her way to her new dream of owning her own home and earning a six-figure income.

“Amanda is motivated and driven to be great,” Crystal says. “She is an amazing mom and young lady. I really appreciate working with her because she makes my job easy, and I can’t wait for all the great things that are in store for her.”

With ambition like that, all the doors are now open to her.