An Extra Happy Independence Day!

Help us celebrate independence by cheering on Charetha! FSET and Wisconsin Works helped her find a new outlook on life – and she’s using it achieve her American dream!

Charetha wants to encourage others to “wake up and show up!” She’s a natural leader, studying for a bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. She hit road bump after leaving her job, and soon it was between caring for her family or continuing her education. Family came first, and Charetha decided that enrolling in Wisconsin Works was the most responsible thing she could do. Before long, however, she realized that she did not have to choose – by co-enrolling in FSET and W-2, she could have both a strong family and her college career again!

With her background in healthcare, Charetha was quick to sign up for a job skills course in caregiving. She was not sure what to expect, but she was happy to find herself among like-minded people once more. Charetha was amazed to see how the group came together and started lifting each other up. Her story became an inspiration to the class, who saw her drive to succeed in school, with her family, and in life every day, no matter what obstacles came up. With her confidence restored, she started learning new skills and transformed her view from one of “I need to do this” to one of “I want to do this.”

Before long, she was getting calls for interviews almost every day, until she was finally offered a job at her college for the position of Student Ambassador. She says that it was all made possible with the support and options that FSET and W-2 offered. She was in charge of choosing the job that was best for her and her family, and that made all the difference between starting a job and starting a new life!

Congratulations, Charetha, and Happy Independence Day!