Antoine’s Team

“I just feel so happy and blessed to be where I am now,” says Antoine. He knew the TrANS program by its reputation for getting people solid jobs in construction. What he didn’t know was that co-enrolling in FSET would become the kind of life-changing experience he would recommend to his closest friends.

The hands-on TrANS coursework was everything Antoine needed to get a fresh start. A month after graduation, however, he realized that he needed more support in his job search. A quick chat with his instructor got him on the fast-track straight into the FSET program. “My employment specialist supported me through everything,” he says. His team helped him form a personalized employment plan, find supportive services, and encourage him when he needed it most. “The skills instructor even helped me put together my resume and my letter of explanation.”

Antoine wants his story to encourage others to ask for help when they need it. “At one point in my life I was angry at everything and would never ask for help,” he insists. “Now I know it’s okay to ask for help, and I’m just so happy that I have some support behind.”

Antoine was just hired as an asphalt sealer with American Pavement Solutions. He says that he wants to keep in touch with everyone who’s helped him along the way. Nothing could make us happier! Congratulations, Antoine!