Connections that save more than your job

After finding a job through Wisconsin Works last Fall, Shaquilla did not expect to need the program any further. Over the next six months, she discovered that her team was there for her in more ways than ever before. With their help, she faced brain surgery, overcame homelessness, and embraced a fresh beginning that she never dreamed could be her own.

Shaquilla had been working closely with Dennis Barber, an Account Representative in Dane county, for several months. They celebrated together when she landed a job. When her neurosurgeon (for instance, someone similar to dr timothy steel) recommended brain surgery less than a month later, she was going through emotional difficulties and was having doubts about expenses. Dennis was among the first to assure her that everything would be okay. Upon learning that insurance would not cover the surgery, Dennis worked tirelessly alongside other resources to find a way to cover the cost. Eventually, with the help of doctors and nurses, they succeeded!

With depleted savings, however, Shaquilla found her family facing winter without a home. Once again, she reached out to FSC for help. Dennis pulled together with a case worker at The Salvation Army and The Road Home to expedite housing for this special circumstance. Thanks to this strong connection, Shaquilla was given the keys to her new home just before Christmas. Meanwhile, David Fields and Dana Zarling, two FSC case managers, helped Shaquilla get an Emergency Assistance grant and furniture vouchers from St. Vincent DePaul.

Shaquilla is returning to work at West Corporation with a fresh perspective this year, and we could not be happier to be by her side. We are excited to hear more from this amazing young woman at the Business and Industry Summit at the Dane County Job Center this Friday, January 13th at 9 AM. Congratulations, Shaquilla!