“I won the lottery” – Raven and HCST

When asked about his new life as a construction professional, Raven is quick to tell you that “I feel like I won the lottery.” As he tells it, I have a “fun job, great work, and learning every day.”

While his journey to this career wasn’t always easy, his determination paid off. A single father recently released from prison, Raven knew he wanted more for himself and his family but didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, a good friend tell him to go the library near his house to hear about the Highway Construction Skills Training (HCST) program. After interviewing with Lorie, our HCST Coordinator, she signed him up for the class.

Raven admits that it was a bit intimidating at first. He was the oldest in the class and felt a little “late to the party.” Seeing all the younger students even made him feel lazy for not starting earlier. He quickly proved that he was anything but lazy as he dedicated himself to his goal of making “sure that I got every bit of knowledge I could out of the program.”

He loved the whole experience of the HCST class. He enjoyed meeting new people in classmates and the speakers and instructors. He especially cites Lorie as a key influence, saying “she’s an amazing teacher and even better person.”

All of Raven’s hard work soon paid off as he had a job offer even before graduation! He now has a real career and is proud to tell his children about “Dad’s work.”

However, nothing captures how HCST changes lives better than graduates’ own words. When asked what his new career means to him, Raven doesn’t hesitate: “Everything, it’s my greatest achievement!”

Congratulations Raven, we’re so happy we could work with you.

Looking start a life-changing career in construction? See how our Highway Construction Skills Training program can help!