Avery Finds His Confidence

Avery Finds His Confidence

Avery had been living on the streets, struggling to find a decent job that would allow him to afford a place to stay. He felt hopeless, as he faced constant rejection and hardship. His only dream was to achieve financial stability and have a roof over his head.

Soon, Avery came to our FSC office and joined our FoodShare Employment Training (FSET) program. He worked with our FSET case manager, Morgan, to figure out what he needed the most help with. Morgan quickly gave Avery some housing resources and helped him find a place at Father Carr’s Place 2B where he could stay until he found his own apartment.

Avery was determined to find a new job that suited his skills and interests. He spent hours updating his resume, searching for local job opportunities, and attending interviews with hiring employers. He faced many challenges and rejections, but he never gave up. His FSET case manager, Morgan, supported him throughout the entire process, helping him to plan a career path and stay on track with his future goals.

After working hard for two solid months, Avery finally found a great job opportunity at company where he could see himself staying for the long haul. This was a turning point for Avery, who is now feeling more confident and motivated than ever. Once he started to see positive changes happen in his life, he used them as a catalyst to keep moving forward.

Today, Avery’s outlook on life has transformed. He trusts himself more and truly believes that he could achieve anything he set his mind to.

“My experience was very eye opening. I didn’t know what to expect, at first. I just knew I had to be honest, and hopefully I would be heard. Being a part of the FSET program has been an empowering, encouraging, and beneficial experience. Everyone I met was friendly, and helpful. My caseworker was phenomenal! To this day, I encouraged everyone who’s had a similar situation as mine to look into the FSET program. Thanks for everything!”

Congratulations, Avery! We’re proud of you!

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