AshleyNicole Finds Her Confidence

AshleyNicole Builds Her Confidence

AshleyNicole faced many challenges in her life before joining Wisconsin Works (W-2), a program that helps parents find family-supporting careers. She was unemployed and was struggling to support herself and her son. She desperately needed a reliable source of money and a safe place for her son to stay while she worked.

Despite these challenges, AshleyNicole also had a big dream: to become a probation agent and help others who were in difficult situations. But she knew she had to help herself before she could help anyone else. She came to our local office and took the first step towards a brighter future.

In order to achieve her dream of being a Probation Agent, AshleyNicole needed to find a job that would give her some experience. At first, this seemed to be a lofty goal, but with her newfound W-2 support system, she started believing that she could achieve her dream. She met with her W-2 Case Manager to map out the steps to success. Little by little, with every meeting, she got closer to her dream.

AshleyNicole also worked with our Job Developers. They helped her create a well-written resume, provided motivational support, and showed her that she already had great job skills she could be confident in. She also prepared for future job interviews with them. After months of hard work and job searching, AshleyNicole’s dreams began to take shape.

“The W-2 program has really helped me achieve my goals and help my little family! If it weren’t for them, I’d still be scrabbling up money for my daily expenses and to provide for my son,” says AshleyNicole. “Being a first-time single mother, I thought that I was going to fail, because that’s what I was always told in the past. But now I look back to where I started and what I have overcome these past months, and I’m so proud of myself. I’ve got a great job as a security officer, and I have my first ever apartment since February 2022!”

As she said, the Wisconsin Works program opened up new opportunities for AshleyNicole and her family to get back on their feet. With being back in the workforce and having her own apartment, she’s feeling happier and is confident that she’ll achieve her dream of becoming a Probation Agent.

Congratulations, AshleyNicole! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next.

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