Shayla Steers Toward Success

Shayla heard about WETAP years ago from a friend – a no-interest loan to fix or buy a car. Since then, her schedule quickly filled up. She works full-time, has twin toddlers, and for a while, her biggest concern was finding shelter for them while they were homeless. Thankfully, she found community support, and her experiences convinced her to earn a degree in business. She plans to use her education to help other parents in need by opening a special needs daycare for minorities. There was just one problem: she didn’t have a car.

That wouldn’t stop Shayla from caring for others, though. In fact, she volunteers at her church helping the homeless a few days a week. Without transportation, however, Shayla was forced to slow down. Renting a car for her work commute was expensive and time-consuming. Her mother helped, but the strain was catching up with Shayla. That’s when Shayla remembered about WETAP and found us online.

Just two weeks after applying, Shayla was approved for a car! She says that life already feels easier. Now that she does not need to search for rides every week, she can instead search for a managerial position that will give her experience in the field. Shayla also feels more confident as a mother, knowing that she can transport her toddlers in the safety of her own car whenever she needs to.

Your perseverance is an inspiration to us, Shayla, as you strive to help your family and your community thrive. We’re glad to be part of your journey. Congratulations!


Do you know a parent who needs help getting around? Encourage them to fill out our WETAP Waitlist Form online, just like Shayla did, so they can get the reliable transportation they need.