Crystal’s Got Her Swagger Back!

What a difference a month can make! Crystal came to the FSET program recently feeling discouraged about her job prospects and in need of a confidence booster.

Well, she certainly got that from the FSC team and, soon, her bubbly personality burst through as she mastered new skills, rediscovered her swagger, and started a new job last week. After some discussion, Crystal said her passion has always been helping people and she shared her customer service experience. She then enrolled in the food service training course offered in October where she toured employers, worked on her interviewing skills, and also fixed her transportation situation. This quickly turned into an opportunity as she got a job with the local Wendy’s, the partner in this training.

Crystal thanked all the FSET staff for their encouragement and helping her stay motivated. Her focus right now is using her new job to get a new place to live, pay off some debts, and save up for more classes.

Congratulations Crystal – and thanks for coming to FSET!

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