Energy Plus Kindness

Fun-loving and full of energy, Casey values every person he meets. So his new, full-time job helping people with disabilities is a perfect fit. He loves building relationships with his clients, including cooking for and playing video games with them. Casey says that focusing on the future gave him a clear goal, and the FSET program gave him the resources to achieve it.

Before he joined FSET, Casey had to be clever to find rides to school and appointments each day. He did not have enough money saved at age 19 for a car and his education. So he bounced from his parents’ to his friend’s houses so he could hitch a ride. This made it hard to find a steady job, because he didn’t know if he could get there.

FSET helped Casey with cab vouchers, teaching him how to manage his time and budget for transportation. He took workshops and joined the job club, working hard to make them all. Casey was grateful to get job leads that really matched his interests, and he liked how they focused on his goals the whole time he was in the program.

Casey is thrilled to have a job where he can help others and that he has some money to repay friends and family for supporting him. In fact, we just learned today that he helped his mother get a job where he works. Plus, he has saved up enough to buy his own car! We keep hearing wonderful things from you, Casey, and we are sure to hear more. Congratulations!