Izzy’s Success

Izzy came to WIOA as a high school senior who was unsure of what path to take in life after graduation.  Her dream was to work in an industry helping people, which included a wide array of various occupations. Izzy began WIOA with career assessments and exploring the different careers of interest to her that showed as a good match for her.  She did this with her career planner through research, and job shadowing opportunities in the field. She met with her career planner often, and was always open and motivated to go on to the next steps.

After ending her final high school year during a worldwide pandemic, Izzy graduated high school and began her next steps in life. After taking a little detour in her education path, Izzy thought back at her dream to help people, and landed at the State College of Beauty Culture working towards her Esthetician License. This was the perfect fit for Izzy as she found her place in helping people feel good about themselves, working on their skincare needs. Izzy worked hard throughout school, keeping up with outstanding grades. She received assistance from WIOA on her state licensure examinations, and passed all of her tests eventually obtaining her license.

Izzy’s next steps were to open her own practice. She found the perfect spot to do just that, and was able to obtain her LLC to open her own business “Refined Aesthetics”.  She has officially opened and is practicing as a licensed esthetician and is looking forward to helping people feel good about their skin! Izzy has been a pleasure to work with. Her determination and perseverance shows in everything that she does. Her personality lights up the room, as she maintains a bright and positive attitude no matter what life throws at her.

In Izzy’s own words: “I have had such an amazing experience with the WIOA program! I would like to give a big thank you to Katie, my career planner and the program for guiding me to success! This program has truly helped me in so many ways, including, assisting with payments for school, helping to find a career path that best fits my interests, and always being there through hard times. Thank you so much for your assistance in being a part of my success journey! “

We are so proud of you. Congrats Izzy!


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