Jamari’s Laser Focus

Jamari | FoodShare Employment and Training Participant

Every once in awhile someone comes along with determination like a force of nature. They set their sights on a specific goal and find their way to it by paving their own way. These are the stories of future leaders and outstanding members of the community. Jamari is certain to be both of these things.

“What do you want to do after high school?”

From the moment she graduated high school in 2019, Jamari knew what she wanted. She has a passion for helping others, and clearly stated her dream to work at a hospital. Specifically, she wanted a long-term career at UW Health.

However, having only worked in a fast-food job, she didn’t have the immediate experience, and with a son to take care of, she had some short-term goals she had to meet.

Train, Train, Train

Upon applying for the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program, Jamari was introduced to her case manager, Georgia, who interviewed her about her plans. Stating she wanted to work in health services, Georgia assembled some necessary resources to get her on her way.

First, they found a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that would be covered by FSET benefits. Then, to help with initial costs, Jamari received vouchers to pay for her nurse’s scrubs, (and even new shoes for her son).

To address the immediate income needs while she attended the new training, Jamari took a job in a senior care facility. It was great experience for her future in healthcare, but it also highlighted her transportation needs. Georgia was there to help again with vouchers for gas to help Jamari get to and from work and training.

“We communicated often, several times a week to make sure she had what she needed and was still on the path that she still wanted,” Georgia says.

Hello, Nurse!

Finally, Georgia helped Jamari with her resume, searching for a job, and preparing her for the interview process. As soon as a positioned opened at UW Health, Jamari applied, and with her new confidence and career materials, got the job as a nursing assistant.

“She absolutely stated what she wanted and needed from day one and kept on track.  She asked for advice,” Georgia says, “and was open to learning from the resources and videos I sent and communicated when things were difficult.”

Looking Forward

What’s in the future for someone so forward-thinking like Jamari? She is appreciating her progress and continues to set goals for herself, like buying a new car, while considering her career moves every step of the way. The next step might be nursing school or it might be something else. Whatever it is, we know Jamari will rock it.

Jamari benefitted from the following programs

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)