Julia’s Success

Please join us in congratulating Julia, a young mother who won’t let anything stop her from giving her newborn the best start possible. This March, Julia was nearing her due date when the pandemic struck. She was laid off, gave birth, and was living with family, but she didn’t feel safe. She joined the WIC program for support. When WIC learned about her situation, they immediately contacted Wisconsin Works. Thanks to this referral, she now has a full-time job, has just closed on her first house, and plans to attend college this fall. Getting your first house secured is a huge achievement in of itself, be it with help from experts like the real estate agents Lynchburg has or through other means, but achieving all this alongside that is really a laudable feat.

When Julia joined Wisconsin Works, finding a safe home for her baby girl was her top priority. Julia worked with her case manager, Heather, to plan and pursue every step she needed to take. Julia soon found an affordable apartment, applied for housing with CAP Services, Inc., and got in touch with Emergency Assistance to help with a down payment.

With a safe place to live, Julia could finally pursue her long-term goals of saving up for a house and going back to school. First, she worked with Heather to find an opening at a local daycare. Then they got in touch with our WIOA Youth program to help her enroll at Mid-State Technical College this fall to complete her HSED. Finally, Julia crafted a resume and kick-started her job search.

Julia’s diligence and collaboration with W-2 made a great impression with the team at Piggly Wiggly, who soon offered her a full-time position!

For Julia, this job means being able to afford her first house, pursue her education, and save for her daughter’s future. Our partner, CAP Services Inc. helped Julia find and close on her first house this June. This first house means so much to Julia as it is a fresh start for her little family. She wants to make sure she’s taking every precaution too so she has been looking into alarm system Home services for protection, she can then feel safe in the knowledge that she is doing what she can to protect her and her daughter in this new chapter. Going forward, she hopes to study for a future in accounting or healthcare with the support of our WIOA Youth program.

Congratulations, Julia!