Julie Pays It Forward

Julie is one of our participants in our FoodShare Employment Training program who has really transformed her life. Recently, she took the time to share her story, which we present here in her own words:

Some people measure success by their possessions, status, and how much money they have in the bank. I do not. To me, success is in relationships with people who genuinely care about your happiness and are supportive in helping you achieve your dreams. I found just those quality relationships in my journey with the advocates at FSC and enrolling in their FoodShare Employment Training program. To be perfectly honest, there were so many helpful advocates I cannot remember the names I have worked with over the last 2 years. There have been that many!

Mine has been a long journey. I don’t just say that because I’m 63. I started life in an abusive foster home. Escape was all I sought, and I found it. After many bad decisions, I first became homeless and then found myself in prison. I came to FSC humbled and grateful to have another chance to get life right. Mind you; I do not regret my past because it has made me who I am. I am a strong, capable, Christian woman. Jesus has changed me. And FSC has stood firm in helping me achieve my dreams.

From the first time I entered their offices, I was greeted with respect. My opinions were valued and I was listened to. We established a few immediate goals I needed addressed, like gaining more than ‘adequate’ employment. I needed to find housing. I didn’t have a phone or transportation. But I did have a vision for my future. I desire to build my own business that will provide the means to pay forward all that God and others have blessed me with. I refer to this as my “why”. 

Due to time management factors, working remotely would make my dream much more obtainable. Since, I have a medical background, my FSET Case Manager and I focused on using this to my best advantage. We researched and found that I could go to school on-line for medical transcription. With further job searching, I discovered that I can utilize my past experiences to be a more effective employee in my field.

Currently, I am at the application phase. Although it was a bit overwhelming, my FSET case manager continues to be supportive and encouraging. I have, in fact, started going on interviews and gaining great feedback from employers expressing interest in my skills.

I am also now certified in both Medical Transcription and Medical Billing and Coding. “The world’s my oyster” as they say. I’ve taken a part-time position as a travel agent while I navigate the professional hiring process. The journey I’m on is filled with both successes and setbacks. All of which make me a better person able to manage my life. I now have self-confidence and hope in a future.”

We’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished, Julie! Keep on working toward your dream.

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