Larry’s Success

Larry told us that before TrANS, he was “in a dark place.” Repeatedly rejected by employers and depending on others for support, he said he grew frustrated and “tired of struggling to get by.” Through his hard work and training in the TrANS program, Larry’s future looks much brighter today.

With Lorie’s help, he dedicated himself to learning. This all paid off after graduation, as he launched his career with Payne and Dolan. It hasn’t stopped there: he is now a journeyman and says that “I see the evolution of my work performance. I can now get into a machine and work it.”

He credited Lorie with teaching the basic knowledge needed on the job and for providing career guidance. This, Larry said, helped him go from frustrated to hopeful and confident that this was the career for him.

So, how has his life changed since graduating TrANS? Larry says that he is certainly making more money, which means that instead of relying on others, he is now able to help them. “That,” he adds, “is a total blessing.” It has also shown him that his skills, talent, and dedication can take him as far as he wants in the industry.

Congratulations, Larry! We’re happy we could join you on your journey.