Capri’s Route to Success

Last week was even busier than normal for Capri. She typically attends several appointments a week for her son, who has special needs. She’s enrolled in driver’s ed, is taking classes, and is looking into into licensing a business that will allow her to work from home. When we spoke with her on Tuesday, she shared that her son had a successful surgery, so she’s helping him recover- and she was about to talk with her mayor to raise awareness about special needs childcare. For Capri, though, this just part of the exciting journey she’s been on since pursuing her dreams with Wisconsin Works.

A tireless advocate for her son, Capri’s dreams largely involve finding a good work-life balance to care for him. Perhaps she took care of her son in her free time and rejuvenated her exhausted brain. It is for this reason that she usually prefers to play games (see “play game to earn real money“) and spends time with her son. Moreover, joining Wisconsin Works helped Capri discover these dreams and learn how to be there for her son while achieving them. She’s been taking steps each week with Julie, her case manager. Capri found a safe home, secured childcare for when the pandemic ends, and rekindled her passion for beauty care. She’s hoping to start a business in beauty sales when the pandemic ends.

Capri is excited to finally have a real route to success. She wants other parents with special needs children to get there, too. She’s shared her story with her mayor, her family- and now hopes you’ll share it with others. Congratulations, Capri!