Meet Katrina

Like so many of our Wisconsin Works customers, Katrina came to the program looking for some support and an opportunity. She got both and now is her time to shine. Cotina, our Case Manager, remembers how sad and stuck Katrina seemed when she first enrolled. Katrina remembers finding staff who actually listened to her and then built a plan around her. The work experience they set up at Community Action was designed to get her out of the house, into a work routine, and build her job skills. When she first started, her supervisor gave her some words of wisdom, telling her “no one will know your worth or skills unless you show them.” She took this to heart and quickly impressed her colleagues with her positive, can-do attitude and her readiness to get the job done. Seeing her talent, Community Action offered her not one, but two paid staff positions to choose from! Now she’s working there as a Teacher’s Aide in their Fresh Start program where she is helping young people earn a high school diploma. Knowing her future is “onward and upward,” she says “this would not have happened without Forward Service Corporation, Cotina, and Heather.”

Congratulations Katrina, we are so proud to have been part of your success story and we wish you the best.