Meet Termaine

When asked how his new construction career has changed his life, Termaine needs little time to answer, saying “instead of helping in the tearing down of the city I live in, I now help in the building of them. I live an honest and honorable life,” he continues, “so I no longer have to worry about going to prison and abandoning my family.”

This hasn’t been an easy road for Termaine, but it has been one with a definite happy ending. Moving to northeastern Wisconsin after 4 years in prison, he wanted to avoid the negative influences and build a new life for himself and his family. Being in a new town with a criminal background made this new start harder than he imagine. Hearing about TrANS from others, he came down and enrolled in the class with a clear purpose: to be a construction professional. It meant, he said, molding “my ways of thinking” in a new direction, working hard to earn certifications, and getting ready to put it all together on the work site.

Today, Termaine says, “I work for the best construction company ever,” Edgerton Contractors, and is a member of Local 330 of the Laborers’ Union. He has a nice home for his wife and child, and is looking forward to a career where he can learn and advance with hard work. His secrets to success are “keeping God first in my life,” listening more and talking less, and “doing what’s right even if it seems you’re the only one doing it.” Congratulations Termaine – we’re proud to be part of your success story.