Sarah’s Future is Calling

Sarah came to us at the beginning of the year after a long hiatus from the workforce. She knew it was time to level up her skills to be competitive in this newer labor generation to get a job that was meaningful. Having been in our Wisconsin Works (W-2) program in the past, she decided to give it another try and really work the program to achieve her dream.

Sarah met with her W-2 case manager, Amanda, and together, mapped out her dreams and the steps she needed to take to get there. As a mom, Sarah was looking for a job that had consistent hours, steady pay, and was in a field that she was passionate about. After mapping out her dream, she discovered that working in a call center would give her the financial stability she was looking for as well as a consistent schedule to allow her to support her family, and camaraderie with coworkers. Being out of the workforce made Sarah skeptical that this dream was obtainable, but Amanda assured her that her FSC team was behind her to help her through her journey.

Amanda strongly encouraged Sarah to take our Call Center Professionals and Office Professionals courses where she could get hands on experience working in a call center, learn about workplace etiquette, as well as earn a digital badge and credits from Madison Technical College. Sarah took her suggestion to heart and signed up for the next class.

Sarah flew through the courses and attended our weekly Career Connections events where she met with local employers to learn about job opportunities in her area. Sarah even dedicated time to complete Self-Directed Learning, which helped her build her communication skills and workplace etiquette.

After graduating, Sarah had a newfound confidence and was excited to find her perfect call center career. She worked with our Job Developer, Ashley, who helped her create a solid resume, practice interviewing, and study interview questions with stellar responses. In no time, Sarah found the job that she worked so hard for.

Today, Sarah enjoys her work from home job as a Medical Transport Coordinator. She is super excited to be working in the field that she enjoys, and is working towards getting a raise that will help her buy a home for her family.

“Sarah had a keen understanding of what she needed and what was going to get her where she wanted to go,” says her W-2 Team. “She is a very hard worker, incredibly reliable, dependable, and always showed up. She was willing to do the work to move her on the path of her goals, and we saw confidence in her grow as she realized she could do the things she wanted to do.”

Congratulations, Sarah! We are beyond proud of what you have accomplished in such a short period of time and look forward to all of the things you will accomplish in the future!

Looking for a job that will support you and your family? Our Wisconsin Works (W-2) program can help you get there.