Stephanie Returns for School

When you become a mother, your whole life shifts, and your priorities can change in an instant. Motherhood can sometimes feel like a miraculous feat and can be even more challenging when you struggle to find steady income to support yourself.

Stephanie was a single mom with a beautiful newborn. Quickly settling into motherhood, she knew she would need a little extra support to take care of her new little family. During those restless late nights, Stephanie dreamed of being financially stable enough to where her money worries completely ceased, and could focus on what was most important, her child. She knew obtaining a degree would give her an edge and lead her down the path to financial independence.

Stephanie had struggled finding support in the past. But this time, she knew exactly where to look. Having previously gone through the Wisconsin Works program at FSC, she knew that she could get the help she needed to make her dreams of going to college and being financially stable a reality. She decided to reach out to us to get started.

Right out the gate, Stephanie was determined and motived to get to work. She had a goal in mind that she knew she could achieve if she just stuck with it. Stephanie went through the motions of enrolling in Wisconsin Works and this time, also co-enrolled in the FoodShare Employment Training program. She and her case manager, Erin, sat down and mapped out her next steps to take.

One of the steps her case manager suggested was to take an Essentials Skills training course. At first, the thought of having to juggle attending classes, finding a job, and taking care of a new baby felt nearly impossible, but Stephanie had Erin to lean on when times got tough. With her determination and having support when she needed it, Stephanie passed all her trainings with flying colors! Getting through these trainings gave her the confidence she needed to apply to college – her true dream. If she could get through this, she could get through anything that came her way.

Today, Stephanie is making her dreams come true. She is currently attending Blackhawk Technical College and is working towards earning her degree in Substance Use Disorder Counseling. “Stephanie has worked very hard to overcome her obstacles and go after her dreams,” says her case manager Erin.

Congratulations Stephanie! We’re so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished.


Stephanie benefitted from the following programs:

Wisconsin Works

FoodShare Employment Training