Andy Keeps on Trucking

WIOA Story | Andy

For the last eight years, Andy had been working with a flooring company, but he had to reassess his options when they closed their doors. This was a difficult time for him. At 57 years old, he wasn’t sure what options were available.

Andy met one of our WIOA case managers, Brittany, at an outreach event and related his story. She encouraged him to come into our office and tell her more about what he has always wanted to do. He came in, and after learning about our WIOA program, he felt like he could use it to finally pursue one of his lifelong dreams… driving a truck.

When Andy was a child, he enjoyed watching the comedy series “BJ and the Bear.” Ever since, he’d had a lifelong dream of becoming a truck driver that he didn’t realize was possible. Suddenly, now that he had a support team, it seemed like the obvious path.

But, he had some work to do, and work he did.

“He has been one of the most hard working participants I have ever had,” Brittany says.

For example, when pursuing one of the tests he needed to get his CDL Class A License, there was an area of study that he was having difficulty with. Andy took the initiative to go to a local UPS store and ask an employee to explain the part of the truck in detail so that he could return to the test with confidence. He passed.

This earned Andy a place in the Midwest Trucking Training program, where he got on-the-job experience. He traveled from Peshtigo to Escanaba five days a week for his training. To help make this happen, we provided transportation assistance, financial aid for the training, and mentor support and job search assistance.

Andy now has a job that will allow him to drive truck and still be home at night to take care of his animals on the farm.

“I feel so good about my life and the people around me are so happy for me,” Andy says. “It only took me 57 years, but the little boy that dreamt of that is very happy. I worked years in a box with no windows. Now I get to work in a box with only windows and go wherever I want.”

Finding a career you love makes all the difference. “When he was sitting at my desk for our final appointment he was just glowing. He had a hope and a new found confidence about him,” Brittany says.

Congratulations, Andy!

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