Venashia Advocates for Her Future

Venashia loves helping to care for others, but working full-time and being a full-time mom of four young kiddos can be a lot to handle by yourself.  Venashia knew she and her family deserved better. Having help from FoodShare, Badgercare and WI Shares in the past, she knew she could find the resources to fix her situation and give her family a better life. She met her helpful case worker, Katie, at our Dane County office and was immediately enrolled in our FoodShare Employment Training Program. Together, they started finding the career path that would work best with her family’s needs.

Even though her mind was busy with finding ways to support her family, Venashia still had the motivation to work on what she wanted to do most, Nursing. She spoke with Katie about her dream and how to make it happen. Since she didn’t have the proper nursing education at the moment, Katie suggested Venashia find work in the Healthcare Administration field to support her while she started nursing school.

When the coordinating of her children’s day care and work became an overwhelming battle, she was forced to make a tough choice to leave her current job. Though the job was perfect on paper, Venashia needed a job with more flexible hours. She had to have a difficult conversation with her supervisor about leaving. Katie, Her Case Manager, coached her through how to handle the conversation in a professional and productive manner. Thankfully, the conversation ended on a very hopeful note along with the opportunity to reapply in the future once her children no longer needed her at home.

Though very relieved, it was back to the drawing board for Venashia and her FSET team to get her the career of her dreams. Venashia’s biweekly appointments with Katie gave her dedicated time to focus on what she needed as well as celebrate victories.  One victory, in particular, was definitely worth celebrating. While working on her dream, Venashia and Katie also worked together to submit an appeal to overturn a decision disqualifying Venashia from childcare assistance. Through Venashia’s unwavering self-advocacy, she was able to win her appeal. It was a step in the right direction and a major confidence boost.

With each accomplishment, Venashia discovered that all “bumps” are not setbacks, but rather opportunities to regroup and strategize. Regardless of the situation, Venashia continues to keep herself on track. She takes every bump in the road with stride and reflects on the life lessons she’s learned. “I am consistently impressed by her retrospection, wisdom, and her ability to advocate for herself and family” says her FSET case manager, Katie.

Today, Venashia is currently working as a caregiver, a great position that offers her the scheduling flexibility she needs for her family. She is also applying for the Nursing Program at Madison College to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.

When asked for any words of wisdom for other participants, Venashia says that “if your goals and dreams are important to you, keep going. Failure hurts but winning feels amazing. Appreciate the ones who believe in you.”

Congratulations, Venashia! We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and wish you the best on your future endeavors.

We’ll help you leap over the hurdles in the way of your dreams. See how we can help with our FoodShare Employment Training program.