Drew Sketched His Future

Drew | FSET Story Spotlight

The road to employment isn’t always a straight one. When Drew entered our Fond du Lac office, he was new to the area, unemployed, and homeless. There were immediate needs that needed to be addressed before he could really begin his job search.

Since he was on FoodShare, he was eligible for the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program. He was greeted by Angel, an FSET case manager, who enrolled him and immediately began connecting him with resources. They worked to find stable housing right away.

Meanwhile, Angel asked what Drew would like to do for work. While he acknowledged that he just wanted full-time employment, he had dreamed of working with youth as a mentor. They set their sights on that as his destination and began mapping out the path to get there. With a goal he was passionate about, he was eager to find employment and pursue his dream.

Drew started right away. Angel helped him revise his resume, he searched for work, and Drew prepared for interviews with clothing vouchers for the Salvation Army. Before long, he was attending interviews, helped by transportation assistance in the form of bus vouchers. They also found an online training for mentorships that would enhance his employability.

Soon, Drew received and accepted not one, but TWO job offers: one part-time as a cook and the other as a part-time caregiver. He is continuing his studies to be a youth counselor and has a bright outlook for the future.

“Drew is a great role model for others in the FSET program, showing that if you continue to work hard and pursue your goals, they can be accomplished,” Angel says.

We can help you work towards your dreams. Learn how our FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program can help.