Persistence Pays

We earn trust by pulling through on our promises, especially when it’s hard.

When Michael joined Wisconsin Works (W-2), he wasn’t expecting anything special. He knew that W-2 could keep a little extra cash rolling in during unemployment, and his family needed the money. Once he gave it a chance, however, Michael couldn’t help but enjoy his new path.

When we met Michael a few months ago, “he fought the process as much as possible,” says his case manager. He didn’t answer our calls, didn’t turn in his paperwork, and refused to chart his goals with us. It took a persistent case manager and a lot of voicemail before Michael finally realized that he had someone who was truly on his side.

“We started having [weekly] discussions about what he used to do and how much he enjoyed it – the people he met at work and how having his income made him feel better,” says his case manager. He enjoyed providing for his daughters. Now they needed so much that it was all he could think about. He wanted more.

We heard him. Then we started working together to improve his situation, provide for his family, and start feeling good again.

Today, Michael volunteers at a local food pantry. In fact, he loves it so much that he’s asked if they have openings. He enjoys helping others and feels energized when he talks with people in the community.

Every week, Michael applies for work that he’s interested in. He’s motivated to find something he’ll enjoy and is working with our team to find leads and create a professional resume. He completes his paperwork, talks with his case manager every week, and finally knows he is moving forward.

Congratulations, Michael!