Taking A Chance On Justin

Since he could remember, Justin wanted to make something of himself. Too many times in his life, he’s been overlooked or misjudged. He lacked the confidence to show people who he really was and what talents he brought to the table. Justin was a strong, smart and hard working individual with a dream. All he needed was someone to believe in him. All he needed was a chance.

Challenge Accepted

When we met Justin, he was doing what he could to make ends meet; living with family and working full time. His current job wasn’t challenging enough and didn’t pay. He was young and bored, and didn’t have much of a work history. Justin had some experience in construction though, doing some odd jobs with his uncle, but not enough experience to warrant a company to offer him a job. So, what could he do? He sought out our services and immediately jumped on the opportunity to enroll into the Transportation Alliance for New Solutions (TrANS) program.

In the Spring of 2021, Justin was told about the program from a good friend. Once Lorie, our Southwest TrANS coordinator, sent him information and an application, Justin had hoped the training and certifications he’d earn would be enough to help him get a construction job. After their meeting to complete the screening for the program, Justin was sure of it!

A Learning Curve

Getting into the TrANS program was a good start to finding that new career, but it wasn’t so easy. When Justin began classes, COVID restrictions on gatherings were in effect, forcing all of the classes to be conducted online. As someone who likes to learn hands-on with minimal distractions, Justin felt a little discouraged. “Learning online was a challenge, honestly,” Justin shared, “but Lorie made things easier and offered tutoring, which helped a lot.”  Justin put in the extra work and completed the class with flying colors. He was now confident in his new found skills and ready to get to work. It was now time to start submitting applications.

Opportunity Knocks

After taking the TrANS class, the construction job opportunities really started to flood in. In a matter of days after his first interview, Justin was offered a position with a well-respected contractor. “In the past, people weren’t always giving me a chance. I guess, I didn’t have as much confidence in myself back then. But things are different now, and I’ve changed. Within a couple of weeks after graduation, I was hired by this great construction company. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been there for 2 seasons, already. Time flies when you’re having fun.”  

And things keep getting better for Justin. The company Justin works for enjoys him so much that they would like him to earn his CDL. “It’s a little scary, and I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing for me. But I talked with Lorie, and she sent me some helpful material to use for studying. The company even said they’d help me get my license when I was ready to go. The fact they have shown me how to work different tools and equipment, and now want to help me get my CDL must mean I’m doing good.” 

What advice would Justin give others? “Don’t be afraid to screw up. It doesn’t mean you can’t do something; it just means you need to learn from it.” 

Congratulations, Justin! Your hard work has paid off. We can’t wait to see what you do next!


Take a chance on yourself and make a positive career change. Apply for our TrANS classes today!