Christopher Gets Hired Quickly

Wanting something more in life can be a huge motivation. Christopher was a high school graduate with plenty of work experience and sought after skills, but without a college diploma he felt there were some doors that were closed to him.

Talking with previous graduates of the Highway and Construction Skills Training (HCST) program, they encouraged Christopher to enroll in order to pursue new opportunities. With its on-the-job training and employer connections, it seemed like a way that he could better apply for the jobs he felt he was being overlooked for.

“I chose to enroll in HCST as a way to showcase my skills,” Christopher says.

His biggest goal was to find a high-wage job to pay for his bills and investing for the future. He was immediately motivated to put the work in every day. He asked questions, engaged in class activities, and spoke with contractors who support the HCST program. His instructor says that with Christopher there was, “no fuss, no hype. He just got it done.”

The hands-on training helped Christopher get a feel of what could happen on the job and prepared him to apply for jobs with confidence. He quickly found success by graduating and finding work within a week of graduation!

“It surprised me how easy it was to get hired,” Christopher said. Of course, with his talent it seems obvious to us. He admits he still has a lot to learn, but he enjoys traveling to the different job sites. He has caught up with his bills and has begun saving money. “The progress I’ve made has been encouraging.”

When asked for advice to others looking to take the first step in pursuing new opportunities, he said, “the secret to success is to always finish what you start, and never give up.”

Are you wanting a job in construction? See how our Highway and Construction Skills Training (HCST) program can prepare you for success!