Roger’s Time to Shine

Now working at a major solar power facility in southern Wisconsin, Roger is shining bright, as he’s moving closer to his goal of being self-reliant and having control over his life.

Coming out of prison a few years ago, Roger started rebuilding his life. He has construction experience, but most of that came as a day laborer, which doesn’t offer the same career pathway you can get from the Highway Construction Skills Training (HCST) course. While he knew a lot, he didn’t have the credentials that contractors wanted.

That’s what brought him to HCST, where the instructor Lorie soon saw his motivation and passion. As she tells every class, to be successful, you need to stand out, and to stand out, you need to shine. He took this to heart and worked every day to shine in class  – and then on the job.

He is now a proud member of the Laborers Union and looks forward to his future. He has a solid job, benefits, and training opportunities. Plus, he says that he not only can take care of himself but also help friends and family.

The secret of his success, he says, is to stay hungry and humble and always keep grinding. Do that, he adds, and “you will outshine everyone around you.”

Congratulations on your success, Roger. It was an honor to work with you.