Never Give Up: Ronald’s Story

Ronald | FSET Success Story

“Success” is defined differently for everyone. For Ronald, it means “security,” “stability,” “happiness,” gratification”… and “peace” of mind. Here’s Ronald’s journey on the road to success.

In Need of a Fresh Start

After personal tragedy struck, Ronald realized he needed help. “Life was tough,” he said. He was having a difficult time and hoped that finding a job would provide the stability he sought.

Taking the Wheel

Determined to work exceptionally hard, Ronald first approached the Fond du Lac office of Forward Service Corporation (FSC) in August 2021 with the dream of obtaining full-time employment. Along with local food pantries, the Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul, Ronald’s FSC case worker helped him implement and acquire a number of resources, including:

  • an email address for Ronald to submit job applications
  • bus vouchers and tokens to travel for his job search
  • application for a cell phone to assist with fielding calls from potential employers
  • housing rental assistance from ADVOCAP
  • enrolling in the FoodShare Employment and Training program (FSET), for which Ronald completed scheduled activities and resource applications in the FSC office as provided by his case worker

Driven to Succeed

Ronald gained his first employment offer within just a few short weeks after becoming enrolled at FSC. But while accepting the position would assist by providing some income, it also meant that he needed a vehicle to get to and from his new job.

It was then that his FSC case worker informed Ronald about the Wisconsin Employment Transportation Assistance Program (WETAP). Ronald applied and received a vehicle purchase loan through this program. His FSC case worker also walked him through the necessary application steps to purchase the plates and title for his new vehicle, and helped him afford gas and steel-toe boots for the job.

The Road Ahead

Despite many roadblocks in his journey, Ron never gave up his dream of achieving full-time employment. He worked hard to overcome barriers on the way to gaining and maintaining his current position (and vehicle, pictured above!), which he enjoys to this day.

Ronald is especially thankful to his FSC Job Developer, WETAP representative, and FSC office receptionist, who all helped him along the way.

So, what dream lies ahead for Ronald? “To save for a house of my own! I’m a self-motivated person. Anything can be done when you apply yourself,” he said.

Ronald benefitted from the following programs: