Wyatt’s Tools for Success

A confident young man stands in front of trucks at an auto dealer.

Wyatt is a confident and independent young man who recently earned a technical degree in Automotive Maintenance from NWTC. He quickly found a job after graduating, moved out of his parents’ house, and even earned a promotion. Wyatt’s hard work and willingness to take on leadership roles are a big part of his success.

When we first met him, however, things were a little different for Wyatt.

“Wyatt was very quiet at the start of the program,” says Kathy, the Career Services Specialist with our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program who helped Wyatt achieve his dreams. Wyatt had just graduated from high school and was told about WIOA from his NWTC Admissions Specialist, Kelly. He wanted to become a mechanic, but the cost of school and uncertainty about how to balance a career and education made him uncertain about his plans. Kathy states that “As the program moved forward, he became open to learning and strengthening his skills, so he was ready to live independently.”

WIOA helps him afford school

“The WIOA program was very helpful,” says Wyatt. “Because of the program, I was able to attend school. I was not eligible for FAFSA grants, so the help from WIOA with tuition allowed me to leave school with no debt. The support services provided required tools, plus all required textbooks. This allowed me to be successful in school and know all the resources available while completing my program. Upon leaving the program, I already had my starter set of tools and a complete toolbox.”

In addition to helping him afford school, Wyatt benefitted from Kathy’s mentorship and help learning how to budget. He got a part-time job, set up a budget with Kathy’s help, and started planning for his future goal of buying a house. In fact, that’s how he was able to afford an apartment of his own – plus a second car, to add to his truck – before he even graduated.

“Kathy was the best mentor I could have,” Wyatt says. “The services such as budgeting, credit, and bill pay systems are useful for real life and helped prepare me for living on my own.”

Wyatt builds on his independence

By the time he graduated, Wyatt had also built up his leadership and employment skills. He enjoyed helping his classmates, volunteered at WIOA events, and worked on his resume with Kathy. When she saw an opening with Koehne Chevrolet, she knew he would be a great fit and recommended him for the job.

“I am now living on my own and working full time at Koehne Chevrolet, where I have been employed for six months and already have been promoted from Lube Technician to Service Technician,” he says, adding, “I am loving the challenge of the new position.”

His employer has nothing but positive things to say about Wyatt. He is a knowledgeable team player who excels at everything does and keeps a positive can-do attitude.

Congratulations to Wyatt, on your graduation and a stellar start to your career!


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