Erica Finds Her Calling

a confident young woman

Congratulations to Erica, who’s found a solid job in construction after graduating from our Highway Construction Skills Training (HCST) program!

“I find enjoyment in my work,” she tells us, while comparing her life now to what it was before she learned about HCST. “Before I enrolled into the HCST program I was lost in life. My husband left a year before and with him went everything I had planned and my future. I lost my job, my car, and my home.”

Accepting the call

Erica felt like her life was spinning out of control. She had lost her sense of purpose and direction. She came to the Job Center in Rock County, one of our valued partners, who knew that our six-week construction course could provide what Erica was looking for. Before she knew it, Erica got an email from our HCST Coordinator and Instructor, Lorie, asking if she would be interested in the training.

“I had no clue what it was, only that it was some education and I wound not have to pay for it,” Erica recalls. “I responded ‘yes.’”

Erica says that the program was a godsend in her life and that Lorie and her classmates were a blessing she never anticipated.

“Through God all things are possible and only work for the Good,” she says, paraphrasing Romans 8:28. She continues, stating that “During my attendance in the program I still did not have a job, a car or a place to live. But Lorie and my fellow classmates broke down these barriers and helped provide me with everything I needed to be successful in the program.”

Building a firm foundation

As Erica learned different skills, she gained confidence and learned how to work hard and stay focused throughout her struggles. She felt encouraged to continue and knew she could count on Lorie for support: “She allowed me to feel comfortable approaching her with anything. She made learning fun.”

By the time she graduated, Erica says that “I knew I was successful and capable of achieving anything I wanted. The HCST program was the first thing I had completed in a very long time. Being able to complete the course is what gave me the strength and confidence in my success.”

Erica soon started her first construction job and is saving for a home. “I have a solid foundation and plan for the future. I am strong and confident, fully committed to my recovery and personal growth.”

That’s wonderful news, Erica! Congratulations!


Are you looking for direction and think construction could be the right path for you? Learn more about the HCST program.