Angela Is Nursing a Career

Angela | Success Story Participant

Today we congratulate Angela, who just started her new career as a certified nursing assistant at Aurora Medical Center! She has always been a person who loves to care for others, and she set her mind to a specific goal and put in the hard work to achieve it. She’s now looking forward to progressing in her position and setting her sights even higher.

Moving up the career ladder is not an easy process. There is so much hard work and commitment that goes behind making the move, especially to a new place. She might have read various blogs (similar to the blog content by Care For Family on elderly care jobs) and done plenty of research to learn about how nursing careers work across the globe. Equipped with all of this information, she was able to make the decision that this was the job for her. Upon gaining enough knowledge and experience, she may decide to take up further studies or progress on her career path as she sees best. Moving up the ladder, she may also have to learn about different technologies and software, such as patient record-keeping software, emergency medical dispatch software, and similar others used in the field of medicine, as this domain like any other is getting more and more digitized. Certainly, the decisions regarding what and what not to learn therein would be completely hers. However, we are glad that she found her path to success!

Moving on Up (to Wisconsin)

A few months ago, Angela had just made the move to Wisconsin from a town in Illinois. She had previously worked as a certified nursing assistant, but now living in a new state, she needed to be re-certified. Being new to the area, particularly as a single mother, she didn’t know anyone here to help her get on her feet.

Wisconsin-Works Works.

Luckily, her go-get-em attitude led her to Wisconsin Works (W-2) for assistance. Her goal was clear: she wanted to continue to be a nursing assistant and work in a hospital. To achieve this, she wanted to spruce up her job application skills and update her resume.

Angela got right to work. She was willing to learn and ready for anything. She took on additional education and prepared for the state test for her nursing certification. Her willingness to persevere and overcome each challenge eventually led to her goal of working in a hospital.

Next Steps

Her time with W-2 meant the world to her. The training helped her obtain a higher wage than she had previously been making. And now that she has achieved her goal, she’s setting even bigger ones than she had dreamed of before. Soon, she hopes to obtain her license for an occupational therapy assistant or to work within surgical tech.

It’s inspiring to see what someone can continue to achieve when they set their mind to it. Congratulations Angela!