Shane Steps Toward Greatness

When we met Shane, he was working part-time and trying to save up for a home and car of his own. Although he had reached out to his community for help and was staying with friends, he dreamed of independence. Shane knew that the key to stability was getting a full-time job that he could turn into a real career.

Shane brings an upbeat attitude to any situation. When he joined our FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program, he had already conquered a few problems and knew that staying solution-oriented was the best way forward. In his own words, “I am always one step away from failure or greatness. I have learned that setbacks are just a part of the process to achieve my goals.”

Shane worked with Melissa, his Employment Specialist, to tackle his remaining obstacles and find the career job that he wanted. Shane lived in a rural area and wanted to move to a city where he could secure more sustainable employment, housing, and transportation. He was open to any suggestions Melissa gave him and eagerly followed through on every action step, connecting with our partners and applying for higher wage jobs.

Shane was soon called back for interviews, and after a few offers, he accepted a full-time job with great benefits.

Today, Shane is working as a Machine Operator at a major Consumer Packaged Goods company. A fast learner, Shane has quickly proven himself on the job. Plus, he’s already found a home of his own and bought a vehicle.

“Shane has been a dedicated FSET participant and worked hard to achieve the goals he has set for himself,” says Melissa, adding “I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard and achieve his future goals.”

Congratulations, Shane!

We can help you find a great career and learn how to keep it with our FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program.