A Change Worth Making

“I have met some really good people through this journey,” says Angela. When she moved back to her home state of Wisconsin with her children, after years away, Angela’s family and friends where long gone. She wanted a fresh start, but it seemed like the only familiar thing was the scenery. Then she joined WIOA and got the support she needed to build her new life.

“Without the WIOA program, I don’t know what I would’ve done,” Angela tells us. “As much as I’d like to think I would’ve made it through regardless, I can’t help but look back and see how these programs and people made an impact on my life.” Angela wanted to become a nurse, but the “financial challenges were constant as a single parent trying to survive as a college student.” WIOA helped fund her education and get her the resources she needed to make college work. When she needed fuel to get to class and clinical sites, WIOA helped provide vouchers. When her car suddenly broke down during her last semester, they helped her get the resources to fix it.

Her counselors provided guidance she could rely on throughout life’s ups and downs. “Jamie was my counselor when I needed someone to talk to, even if just to vent,” says Angela. “I cried, I laughed and know if it wasn’t for her there’s a very strong chance I wouldn’t have continued to push through. I don’t even have all the words to explain how much her support continues to mean to me today.”

Today, Angela works full-time as a nurse, and she is financially independent for the first time since her move. Her children have a place to call home, and she says that hers was a change worth making. Now, instead of trying to survive, she’s focusing on improving the lives of those around her. She tutors, works with the elderly, and hopes to go back to school for her bachelors in nursing.  “I hope to make a positive difference for those whose lives I am able to impact,” she says.

We know you will! Congratulations, Angela!