Chase Finds His Purpose

With the sheer number of job opportunities out there today, choosing the right job can be really overwhelming, especially if you are unemployed. Chase found himself feeling this way not that long ago. Without a job or income, he was feeling the pressure to find a job. After enrolling in FoodShare, his Income Maintenance worker suggested he reach out to us to help him find a job. Since he wasn’t having much luck looking for a job on his own, Chase decided it was time to find support to accomplish his goal.

Chase made his way to our office where he was immediately enrolled into our FoodShare Employment Training (FSET) program since he was already receiving FoodShare benefits. He met his new FSET case manager Angel who was really eager to help him find a job to achieve his dream.

Chase was looking for a fulfilling job. Being the talented artist that he was, Chase was also a really empathetic individual. He dreamed of having a job that he felt gave his life a sense of purpose. After some research, he found that being a caregiver would be the perfect fit for him. With an idea of what would make him happy, he worked with Angel, his FSET case manager to begin his job search.

As they worked together, Angel issued Chase gas vouchers to help him get around to interviews. This alleviated a lot of stress about getting to work until Chase became more financially established. “I struggle to break things down sometimes, so I don’t get overwhelmed,” said Chase. “FSET gave me the tools to overcome my challenges.”

Chase also worked with Heather, one of our Job Developers, to update his resume. Heather and Angel both guided Chase as he researched open caregiving positions and helped him fill out applications for the positions he was interested in. “They treated me as a person, not just a case,” said Chase. As an extra boost, Chase attended our FSC Careers Connections Class to help him with his interviewing skills and how to land his dream job.

In little time, Chase was hired as part-time care giver and loves what he does. Since finding his calling, Chase feels more self-sufficient and accomplished. He’s very excited to help people and grow as a caregiving professional. As far as his goals for the future, Chase hopes to go to school and become CBRF certified so he can advance his career in caregiving.

Congratulations, Chase! We wish you the best on your future endeavors!

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