Active Mind, Great Career

“The WIOA program has helped me learn necessary skills for a job market that is in need of job seekers,” says Matt. He joined WIOA last year, to learn more about a training opportunity in manufacturing. Matt not only excelled in his training but also recently accepted an offer that has him excited about his future!

Matt wanted a job that would keep his mind as active as his hands throughout the day. So when he heard about a free training program where he could earn a Machine Tool certificate, he was keen to learn more. He talked with Amy, his Career Services Specialist, about getting started. A quick assessment process showed that he would be a great fit for the training. Then they set up a tour with a local metal manufacturer that got Matt more excited than ever about this opportunity.

Since the program sponsored his training, after only 4 months he earned a certificate without racking up any extra debt. As his coursework became more challenging, Matt’s confidence grew – he started to realize that the more mentally stimulated he was on the job, the better he could perform. He gained a passion for machine tool programming and learned more about his options through local tours with WIOA.

Matt started applying for positions as soon as he had a certificate in-hand. He brushed up his resume with Amy and started practicing interviews to show that he was as knowledgeable in person as he now was on paper. He got two job offers right away, but when he got an even better offer from a well-known manufacturer in Wausau, that was the one he jumped on. He’s now earning enough to save up for all of the necessities and then some: he hopes to save up for his own apartment, to pay off his car, and to visit his sister in Japan very soon.

Congratulations, Matt!