Amanda’s First Year as a Mom

“Amanda and I love to share all our mommy highs and lows each time we meet,” says Der Lo, a Career Planner with WIOA. Their children were born only 18 days apart, about a month after these new mothers met for the first time last September. Amanda was working 2 jobs, and she longed to earn her GED so she could find a better paying job to support her son. “Fast forward to today,” Der smiles, “she has achieved these goals and so much more!”

This team of mothers-to-be got to business right away. Amanda’s drive and personality won over interviewers, but without a diploma, family-supporting jobs were just out of reach. Without delay, they switched gears. Amanda made it her new mission to earn her GED as quickly as possible. Der helped her enroll at the College Prep Center at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, where Amanda studied non-stop before the birth of her son in October. Afterward, finding study time was a struggle, but she quickly found the perfect newborn-friendly study spot at the Salvation Army Learning Center. While he slept, she studied and continued to apply for work.

Her dedication paid off. Soon, she was again offered a job on-the-spot. By springtime, she earned her GED. Today, she’s working full-time, earned a promotion, and is enrolled in college at NTC! “She is a superwoman for raising her son all on her own and achieving all the goals she sets for herself at such a young age,” Der insists. “I am excited to see how far Amanda has come and how much she has grown personally and professionally…[Her son] is so lucky to have her as his mom!”

“I want to thank you so much,” Amanda responds. “Without you, I would not be enrolled in college looking towards a better future.” Amanda says she’d like to be a Substance Abuse Counselor one day. Congratulations, Amanda! We’re very proud of you.