Amanda’s Success

Amanda seems shy when you first meet her. However, it doesn’t take long before you can see that she is a definite people person. Compassionate, understanding, and supremely motivated – she is now putting these gifts and many new skills to work in her administrative career.
Like so many of our friends and neighbors in the last year, Amanda came to our FSET and W-2 programs looking for some help. She is determined to be independent and build a future for herself and her young son, but this looked far off while unemployed.
She quickly began to take steps when she completed the Office Professionals and Call Center Professionals courses, while also volunteering to use these skills in a real-world environment.
This all paid off when she started a remote, work-from-home position that fits with her child-care needs. She is now busy making plans to save money so she can afford her own place and buy a car.
Congratulations Amanda and keep us posted about your successes. It was a pleasure to work with you.