Kakola’s Success

Kakola came to the United States as a Refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo in July of 2020. Kakola’s wife, Furaha, came here as a Refugee in 2016 with their children. After 4 years apart, Kakola was thrilled to be reunited with his family.

Once he was settled in, Kakola was ready to find a job with good wages and was close to home. Without much community support or work experience, Kakola came to FSC for support in our Road To Livelihood (RTL) program.

At FSC, Kakola was able to get assistance with creating a resume, job searching, completing job applications, and communicating with employers.

Kakola and his wife are also getting help with community resources, along with some assistance applying for programs that will help them to buy a home of their own, which is their ultimate dream in the U.S. He also got some financial assistance from FSET and W-2 to get him to work.

After working with his FSC team and building up his work experience and English skills, Kakola got a job working for Arrowhead Conveyor in Oshkosh  with SEEK. After 90 days, Arrowhead offered Kakola direct employment with benefits offered. He really likes his job here and feels more comfortable every day. He is doing great, with good reports from his supervisor. He has also made great connections with his coworkers there, who have been a great help to him while starting out.

He has a great care network between his FSC workers, his coworkers, his supervisor, and his family. Kakola and his family hold a special place in the hearts of their FSC workers.