Andrea’s Inspiration

“As a single mother, it was scary losing my job,” Andrea admits. Months behind on rent, she felt like her world had been turned upside down. That’s when a friend told her about Wisconsin Works and FSET. Suddenly, her life went from upside-down to “a complete 180 degree difference!” Andrea is starting a full-time job with benefits this month, and she is more excited for the future than ever.

“They have totally inspired me with how much they care about the people they work with!” she tells us about her team at FSC. Enrolling in both the FSET and Wisconsin Works programs gave her more support for every step of her job search. “They have such a good attitude and tons of resources available to help.”

Andrea decided right away that she wanted to work in an office setting. With little experience in the industry, she was not sure where to start. Her team helped Andrea practice the skills essential for success in this field and put together a resume that showed how versatile she could be. The on-site childcare center in our Oshkosh building made it possible for her to attend workshops while being certain that her child was safe and sound. Meanwhile, practice interviews helped her get the confidence she needed, and gas vouchers helped her travel to new job opportunities.

After attending the DIVERSEcity Job Fair this February, she is starting her new office job, just as she had hoped. “I even get vacation and health insurance!” she exclaims. Andrea’s proud to finally be able to catch up on her bills and now has fresh goals in sight: getting promoted and saving up for time with her family. Congratulations, Andrea!