Believing in Herself

If you’re a trendy shopper, you might see Tiana at her new job at Forward 21. Confident and happy, she says that this job gives her confidence to keep pushing forward and makes her “feel so great about myself and the achievements I’ve made and the person I’ve become.” With a family of six, Tiana’s children are the driving force in her life, and she is proud to have become the mother she always wanted to be for them.

Tiana says that Wisconsin Works not only helped her find employment but tackle the responsibilities of caring for a large family herself. “My life changed so much. I’m happy and my children are. I got a schedule that I have set daily, I feel content, and I just feel so much better about myself,” she says. They helped her find money to purchase a vehicle, get affordable child care, and focus on setting goals for a bright future. Thinking of her children pushed her to overcome her obstacles, and working with staff gave her confidence to push forward. “This program really changed me from the person I used to be,” she says. “I felt like they were here when I needed someone the most…They believed in me when nobody else did.”

Tiana is now enrolled in CNA classes and hopes to pursue her passion for working with the elderly, but her most important priority will always be making sure her family is happy and comfortable. “I would like to thank Forward Service Corporation for everything they have done for me.” It’s our pleasure, Tiana. Congratulations!