Buckling Down to Work Up

“I did everything Angie said, and I got the job!” Dawanna announced to us the minute she was hired at Spectrum. As soon as she got started with us, Dawanna said she was looking for a career with advancement opportunities. Given how much she’s already overcome to get here, we know she’s going to be working her way up non-stop.

“Despite what seemed like one obstacle after another, Dawanna did not lose heart or give up,” says our Job Developer Angie. She was in the middle of several big changes – including escaping domestic violence, mourning the death of a loved one, and raising a young child with another on the way. Naturally, it was hard for Dawanna to conduct a job search, but it got a whole lot easier with FSET and Wisconsin Works.

She worked closely with Angie to pursue the fresh start her family needed. They found resources for childcare, clothing, and much more. Meanwhile, Dawanna buckled down to find a career with family-friendly hours and advancement potential. She even volunteered at our office to get clerical experience.

It all paid off when she was offered a Customer Service position with Spectrum. She says that this job is her livelihood. It will let her take care of her kids, pay her bills, and even have time to spend with them at the end of the day. She hopes to excel in her current position and eventually earn a management role.

Congratulations, Dawanna!