Education Jolts Gewelesis’ Dream

Everyone who’s seen the giant tag on a hairdryer knows that if you drop it in water, you’re going to get zapped. As a former salon owner, Gewelesis has seen that warning hundreds of times, but somewhere between trims, he realized that he wanted to learn more about the wires and current that made his salon work. One day, he got a letter in the mail explaining how FSC could help him get the training to start a career. That was just the jolt he needed to start pursuing his dream.

A responsible father, Gewelesis wanted to start a career that could support his family better, but getting the money to pay for training was a challenge. He soon learned that Wisconsin Works and WIOA had funds to support his education. Before he knew it, Gewelesis enrolled in the 1-year Electrical Diploma Program at Fox Valley Technical College. He’s currently completing the program and is excited to start a new career.

Ashley, who works with the W-2 program and sent that initial letter, told us that, “He is incredibly motivated to not only support himself, but his family. His dream career is coming true because of his tenacity and follow through… We are merely a conduit for him. He is committed to becoming the best version of himself.”

Great work, Gewelesis! We can’t wait to see you graduate.