Sa’s Talents

Sa couldn’t bring much with him when he fled from the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, but he did carry with him a wealth of experience and boundless optimism that he’s using to build his future in the US. Since joining FSET in 2016, he learned English so quickly that he became an impromptu translator for other refugees. His life has given him a compassion for others and a drive to learn, which he’s putting to good use as he works toward his dream of becoming a pastor!

Sa has a strong belief in education. While he struggled with English at first, that didn’t last long as he enrolled in ELL classes. Pretty soon, he put his newfound language skills to work by helping other refugees make their new homes in Wisconsin. This also lead him to the local technical college, where he just earned his HSED.

Before he’d even finished his HSED course, however, Sa was already looking ahead to his next goal. He talked with teachers at Lakeshore Technical College before graduating, and this fall he’ll begin earning his Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Maintenance.

That’s only part of the story. At the same time, with the help of FSET, Sa found a part-time job at the YMCA through DVR, started physical therapy, and is pursuing US citizenship. He also translates his church service for other refugees each week. He hopes to put his passion and continuing education to work as a pastor someday.

Michelle and the rest of the FSET team have been duly impressed as they guide him toward his goals. “Sa has accomplished so many things during his short time with us,” says Michelle. “He is sure to accomplish more!”