Faster Access for Parents in Need

If your family needs help, you want it as soon as possible. The new Wisconsin Works Eligibility Call Center (W2ECC) is designed to do just that. With dedicated staff available throughout the day, it will be easier to schedule an appointment now than ever. Our professionals will be able to determine your eligibility on-the-spot and start getting you the resources your family needs to thrive.

Please call 1-855-755-1331 of time to make an appointment, and set aside 90 minutes for your eligibility and resource session.

You will be greeted at a private video kiosk at your local office, at your scheduled appointment time. A scanner will be available for you to send us any required verification forms, and our staff will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Everything you need to send paperwork to us is right at your fingertips. Our comfortable kiosks ensure privacy during the video chat, as a caring representative guides you through the session.

Eligible or not, you will go home with a list of additional community resources to help overcome the obstacles you’re facing. ┬áCall 855-755-1311 with any questions, or to set up your appointment today! The W2ECC will be open for calls starting September 7, 2017.