Unexpected Change Yields Big Rewards

“School shopping for the kids this year has been worry free,” says Debra with relief. ” I am able to actually pay bills and spend time doing things with my family that I couldn’t do before.” Everything changed when she¬†put aside her Business Management degree and decided to give construction a chance. “I’m so glad I did because I’m able to provide more for my family and now I have unlimited opportunities that I can pursue in this career field!”

When she first heard about the TrANS program, Debra wasn’t sure if she could work in construction. Today she says “That kind of thinking was what was holding me back.” It took the encouragement of a good friend to convince Debra that it would be worth every second: “It will change your life for the better. Trust me,” the TrANS graduate told her, “but you got to be willing to put in the work.”

Debra learned how to discipline herself quickly, pushing herself to study and achieve her goals on-time. Soon after graduating, “I got my first job flagging with H. James & Sons making [over $25 an hour]… This job has meant everything to me and I will continue to strive as much as I can.”

Debra is happy to be planning her very first family trip for December. “My next goal is to buy a house within the next year, a place for us to call home!” She wants others to know that they can have success too, “You have to want it bad enough to change things in your life for the better!”

Congratulations, Debra!