Ashley’s Work Shines with Joy!

Ashley has the kind of quiet energy that amazes. One day, she’s just starting to volunteer at the front office, and the next, she’s organized the entire area, polished it to a tee, and is working on a new announcement board. Even better, that’s exactly what she loves to do, and she’s just been hired on at Aurora Hospital to make their facilities shine!

“We were all impressed by her incredible attention to detail,” says her Skills Instructor Crystal. Ashley joined Wisconsin Works to find a job that could support her family, but she was surprised by how much she learned about herself and her interests during the classes. Soon, she was actively looking for custodial work and enthusiastically showed the W-2 team her skills while volunteering at the office.

Her newfound direction prepared Ashley both to answer and to ask her interviewers key questions during her interview, which they loved! They told her that she was the first person to ask them questions in 15 years and offered her a job earning better wages than she has ever made before. “The joy and pride that we all saw in her face was priceless,” Crystal tells us.

Ashley is planning to pursue full-time work at the hospital and is excited to see what her future holds. Congratulations, Ashley!