From Compassion to Career

LaToya is a soft-spoken, caring mother who always puts her family first. When she enrolled in Wisconsin Works, she was just about ready to give up on her job search – this all changed instantly when her team found the perfect opportunity for her to stretch her wings.

“I would go to interview after interview and still no call back for employment,” LaToya tells us. She was losing hope, when Kristina, her case manager, found an open work experience at Happy Face Apparel, a company that makes clothing and gear for special needs children. LaToya finally found an outlet for her talents and compassion. Each day, she felt more certain of herself as she discussed new possibilities with her W-2 team and found encouragement in her search.

That’s when Wendy stepped in. As an FSET Account Representative, she works directly with employers to help people find jobs. She was thrilled when she learned that LaToya had the skills that VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel companies, needed. Wendy then met one-on-one with LaToya to rebuild her resume and contacted VF Corporation for an interview. “They loved her!!!” Kristina says. “She has been happily working at VF Corp and Wendy continues to follow up with the employer, and I follow up with LaToya via email.”

“With the support of Kristina, Wendy, Meghan and Lindsey, now I am able to be self-sufficient and be a part of the workforce as an independent adult,” says LaToya. She enjoys working at JanSport with VF Corporation and sees it as a chance to give her daughter the life she deserves. LaToya hopes to build her credentials so she can eventually earn a job working for the county, where she can help others in need.

Congratulations, LaToya!