Going Beyond Survival

Ebonie moved to Wisconsin a few years ago, after her children’s father was shot and killed, looking for a safe place to raise her family. Penniless and alone, all she had was the dream of becoming stable again. She came to Wisconsin Works (W-2) for help. Fast forward to today, though, and you’ll see Ebonie coming to us to celebrate.

“They were my support to keep pushing,” says Ebonie of her W-2 team. They gave her the guidance and resources she needed at the most difficult point in her life. Her team helped her find a home, transportation, clothing, and even food. “My goal was to become stable and learn how to survive on my own” she tells us. Then she went beyond survival mode.

For the first time, Ebonie saw an exciting future ahead. She started looking for a career, took several FSC training classes, and joined WIOA to earn her driver’s license. “She was so proud when she passed,” says Sandi, who was her advocate throughout everything. You could see Ebony’s determination increase with each success.

Before long, Ebonie accepted a position with Marathon Residential and Counseling Services, Inc.. She’s been a full-time caregiver with them for two years. “It is so great to see how successful she is now,” says Sandi. “She started from the beginning, and her hard work paid off.”

We love seeing Ebonie check in with us. In fact, the last time she stopped by, Ebonie was grinning ear-to-ear when she said, “Guess what I just bought? A car!” Congratulations!